Please read the entire page before uploading – it’s painless and ensures your photos will be posted (or NOT posted) in the proper manner when I receive them.

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You may upload as many photos as you wish, but you need to upload one at a time.

You can upload photos at any time during any stage of the process. I would also like to see some of the horrible work you are removing! It is just as helpful for people to see what NOT to do, as well as why. ‘Before’ photos also help show just how much your project changed the look of the area.  Please pick a name for your gallery such as ‘Mary’s shower project’ and include that into the ‘description’ field of all your photos and I can keep all your photos in the proper gallery.

Just click the ‘browse’ button above and find your photo on your computer. Enter a brief description (and your gallery name if you would so I can keep them all together for you) then click the ‘upload’ button. Simple, right? Once Sparky (my dog) reviews your photos and ensures you aren’t uploading porn (he will burst into flames – so please don’t do that) you will have your very own gallery on the photos page to show off your work.

If you would like to upload a photo to show me what you are working with for a question you have, you may do that here as well. Please note: I may post the photo in the comment section where you ask your question – if you do not want the photo posted and made public please state that in the description area for the upload! If you do not specify that I will assume I’m free to post it! If you upload a photo to accompany a question please let me know that in the comment section when you post it.