Roger. This is me and a couple of my multiple personalities. I’m the one on the left.

The FloorElf and his multiple=

I have been a flooring contractor for the past nineteen years and currently own my own flooring company in Northern Colorado.

I started this site as a way to help people with projects they decide to tackle on their own and an information source for the currently accepted methods and proper practices of tile setting. There is more misinformation on the internet, as well as other “sources”, on the proper way to set tile than I care to discuss. It seems that anyone that has watched a television show feels they have the ability to install tile without proper research. While that may be the case to some (small) degree, I can nearly guarantee that it will not be installed correctly. And it will not last for a significant amount of time.

I do not claim to be the know-it-all guru of tile and flooring, I most definitely am not. I am, however, much more educated about my field than most. As with any other profession, constant education is required. While it is absolutely possible to remain in this profession for a great deal of time using the same methods and techniques, it is, in my opinion, detrimental to the advancement of standards. As with any other profession, if methods and mindsets stagnate, progress will be non-existent.

Now, that being said typed, I write in a style that may confuse some people. While I am fairly well educated – I’m a tile guy. I sometimes use language that is not acceptable at parties that require a pinkie sticking out while swilling bourbon. I am sometimes not a welcome addition to mixed company. I have a warped sense of humor – I stare at floors all day.

I also cart around a very healthy disdain for people that knowingly do things incorrectly or claim expertise in an area or profession they read about in a book or watched on the DIY Network. The people that do this do nothing but spread misinformation and, more often than not, make a bad situation worse. They do this rather than tell someone asking for help something they may not want to hear. The reality is that sometimes the situation requires the answer you may not want to hear. Would you rather get that answer now or several thousands of dollars in the future? I’m kind of an ass like that.

I truly love this profession. Although what I do will probably never change the world, it can at least change small parts of it at a time. I hope that passion comes through in my writing and I hope I can help you with whatever questions you may have.