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by Roger

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Over the past seventeen (almost eighteen it’s over twenty now! – damn I’m gettin’ old) years in the tile trade I have learned a couple of things:

1) People sometimes do not appreciate my sense of humor

2) I oftentimes think I’m funnier than I actually am

3) I sometimes end sentences with inappropriate auxiliary verbs (see above) or start them with a conjunction (see below)

4) And I’ve learned a thing or two about tile

Since the first three on the list are highly unlikely to change or help you I’d like to concentrate on the last – Tile Tips. Since you’re reading this I’m assuming one of two things: either you are interested in learning about tile or you enjoy really bad humor.

You’re in luck! I making both available in one little handy email format. Just sign up below with your name and email and whenever I sober up about twice a week you will receive a handy little tip, trick, or secret about tile installation. I’ll wrap these little tidbits up in really bad humor and shoot them right to your email so you can start your day off with either a chuckle and a helpful tip or one more person to hate.

These things help speed up your installation, make the installation easier and less stressful and help put professional touches on all the little things you may overlook. Things like how to eliminate grout haze, how to get dead-level and flat walls and how to eliminate hollow spots beneath your tile. I also include all the really important stuff that drives me absolutely insane(r) like how to keep your 5 gallon buckets from sticking together and how not to electrocute yourself with a drill while using your hole saw. Fun for the whole family!

This isn’t just for the DIY’ers out there, either. If you are a professional tile contractor it would absolutely benefit you to learn some of these little tricks that you may have just never run across. It’ll help keep your customers happy – that’s what we want, right? You can sign up too, I won’t give you any shit.  Well, I might…

So how much is all this delicious jackassery?

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After reading your info I am planning on building a shower with the topical barrier method with a liquid membrane.
The only product available in my area is aquadefense (Mapei)
Is this also suitable for waterproofing the floor ,together with the tape?
I am also in the process of lowering my subfloor and would like to keep the height of the showerfloor as low as possible.
What is the minimal thickness of deckmud at the drain?
With the floor out it would be relatively easy to just preslope the subfloor to a linear drain.
Would I make it easier on myself if I did that?
Thanks in advance



:rockon: :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: learn alot from your post looking more for great information



always like to inform myself when it comes down to home projects especially when the wife wants it done from a pro. I like to ask questions and known whats taking place I do have some construction background certify welder concrete landscape etc etc :rockon:



I know next to nothing about tile and I’m hoping you can give me some advice. Our bathroom shower was professionally renovated approx. 3 yrs. ago with porcelain tiles. I’m not thrilled with the variation in the width of the grout lines around the base of the shower. In some areas it’s normal and in many other areas the wall tile is almost butted up against the floor tiles with almost no grout line, which I’m guessing would have made it difficult to get grout into thoroughly in the first place.
With foundation shifts, the grout has crumbled at the base of the shower and I can see that water is seeping in there and not drying. I realize that adding grout on top of the existing likely wouldn’t be a good solution. Can you tell me if there is anything besides re-grouting that needs to happen, or anything else we should be considering? Thank you in advance.



Hi Kristi,

That is a change of plane (between the wall tiles and the floor), it needs to be siliconed rather than grouted.


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