Reader’s Projects

After a LOT of prodding from my readers (the high-voltage was unnecessary, by the way) I have finally worked out a way for you to upload pictures of your projects. To upload your own photos and get your gallery here just visit our upload page (click here).

Below are galleries of reader’s projects. These will help everyone see what can be accomplished with proper techniques, some hard work and a little imagination. We want to see YOUR projects as well – don’t leave me hangin’ in the wind here. It will help everyone who may be stuck for design ideas, solutions to tricky layouts or simply a little inspiration which, let’s be honest, everyone needs at some point in every construction project.

This page is for my reader’s projects. If you want to see my work you can look at my mini-gallery up in the right corner there (refresh the page and the picture will change) or you can visit my professional site at Tile Art. They are not pictures I’ve stolen off the internet – I actually do this stuff. :D It’s great for design ideas, though.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! The slideshows will change photos every five seconds or you can just click on the photo to change to the next one.


Jane’s Bathroom Remodel

Jane’s bathroom is still under construction. I’ll add photos as she sends them.

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Dave’s fireplace and kitchen

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Janet’s fireplace

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Rick’s Shower

Last year Rick began a long and very laborious remodel on his shower. What he ended up with was nothing short of spectacular and I am seriously impressed with the end result. the base materials in the shower are travertine and onyx tiles. However, Rick also made his own white concrete accent tiles with glowstones and dolphin inlays. Not only that – he incorporated led’s and fiber optics in the shower itself! All the dark photos show the shower at night – the pinpoints of light are led’s drilled through the stone and the larger blue points of light are the glow from the glowstones. The led’s can be seen on the shower floor from inside the curb.

Rick’s project truly deserves an individual page – and if he ever gets the full description written up and sent to me I will do that. He was even kind enough to send me one of the insert tiles and soap dishes he made with the dolphins in them – very nice!

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 Heidi’s Bathroom

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