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So here’s your link to get the newest stuff!

If you would like to download a .zip file with the pdf manual inside, go here:

Waterproof Manual in zip folder (pdf manual inside)

If you would prefer to view the pdf online and save it from there you can do that here:

Waterproof Manual in pdf format

The pdf is kind of large if you have dial-up or a slower connection – almost 1.5 MB. So if your computer freezes for a second like it just saw Santa’s bare ass – that’s all it is.

Go download it already.

Fancy, huh? It’s in pdf format and everything, just like all them fancy suits do it. :D

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Keep an eye out for step-by-step manuals for each specific method. The time it took for this one your looking at receiving it right around Veteran’s Day – 2017. That may be a bit optimistic, but I’m gonna try.

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