One More Step

You’re almost there. Due to the a overflow of strange Nigerian attorneys who really, really want to send you all your inheritance from the long lost relative you never knew existed, there is apparently a problem with unwanted emails or something called ‘spam’. Unlike the wonderful breakfast pseudo-meat this type of spam is apparently not appreciated.

So to ensure that I’m actually sending you something you really want (and let’s be honest – who doesn’t?) the powers that run the internets (no, not Al Gore) make me bug the shit out of you just to clarify.

The elves have just sent an email to the address you provided. Just click on the link inside the email and you’re all finished. This just lets us know that it is actually you signing up for this and not your drunk buddy signing you up, and it lets you know that we will not send you spam (the unwanted email, not the wonderful pseudo-meat – we might still send you that if the elves get all drunk one night and start mailing random stuff from the post office – again.)