FloorElf got a chameleon!



We really couldn’t figure out why.

On a side note – he named it ‘Karma’. Yeah, we know, but he’s a child of the 80’s – whaddya want?

If you’ve been with us a while you should know about his lair. If you don’t, FloorElf’s lair is the cave-like area in which he hoards brew and writes stuff.

And generally does a whole lot of nothing between answering questions on the site and his day gig playing with shiny rocks.

In his lair he has certain animals from past (normally misguided) antics and shenanigans. He has an ostrich, a ninja-monkey and a platypus, just to name a few.

Yeah, he’s strange.

Anyway, this chameleon thing had us a bit confused. That, and he kept requesting really colorful stuff, like Jackson Pollock prints.

We’re pretty sure he was trying to get the chameleon to explode.

Turns out – that wasn’t it. (That is not to say, of course, that he didn’t try that. We’re pretty sure he did…)

The true reason finally hit us! As it happens, it hit us at the exact time the new manual he hurled out of the lair hit us.

He was researching design. And he has (finally!) written a manual on design and layout. The full working title is:

‘Tile and stone installation: Basic design and layout for showers and small floors inspired by placing a chameleon on a Jackson Pollock print to see if it will explode’

We’re probably gonna whittle that down a bit.

While we do, though, you can get the shiny new manual for less than it will be on the site for everyone else. You know, the people who aren’t on our list? They don’t get pricing breaks – you do!

You can go here to get the new manual. Before you check out just enter ‘karma’ into the little box and you’ll automatically get the lower price.

While you do that we’re going to try and determine whether or not the chameleon exploded. We’ve searched, but he IS a chameleon. We’re just not sure.

This is only going to be available until we figure out whether or not he exploded, so you may want to get on that.

You can now get a complete manual instructing you how to properly build and waterproof your shower from start to finish with any common waterproofing method.


Just check out our Library to find the manual for your project!

The FloorElf appreciates your continued support! If you ever have any questions concerning tile you can simply leave a comment anywhere on our website – he answers them all. Really.
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