The importance of a properly waterproofed shower is sometimes overlooked when planning a remodel. Everyone always wants to make the shower look pretty and concentrate on the visual aspects of the shower. Things like glass inserts, neat little liners, listellos and mosaics, and cool little patterns that make your shower stand out from the crowd. That’s great! But, without proper waterproofing all this hard work, planning and money spent will be for naught.

Any tile installation is only as good as the substrate on which it is installed. If your shower substrates (wall and floor) are not properly waterproofed they will, over time, begin to break down, allow water deeper into the structure of the house, and/or start growing mold. The last, growing mold, is a true ‘and/or’ because whether the first two happen or not an improperly waterproofed shower will grow mold. [continue reading…]