I want a really cool design but I don’t know where to start!


So you’ve finally waterproofed that shower, built your floor substrate and you’re all ready to begin your tile. Now what??? (If you haven’t waterproofed your shower yet start with our free shower waterproofing manual).

Now you just need to figure out what design you want, what tile you want, how to lay it out, how to make it look right,…Wow!

  • Where do you start?
  • What do you need?
  • How do I do it???
  • How much beer is this going to require?

Well, here’s your complete instruction manual.

Okay, it’s not a COMPLETE instruction manual on layout and design – such a thing would be nearly impossible. It is, however, a basic guide for nearly any layout and design you want.

If you are building a bathroom of nearly any sort this manual will guide you through the basics of your layout, how to get started, where to begin, even how to transfer that really, really cool design you saw in that magazine to your space without having it look crowded or out of place.

You know – like you actually planned it? Yeah, that.

What’s included?


If I’m gonna give you my money I wanna know what I’m buying!

Descriptions and instructions of the entire process from beginning to end including:

  • Over 65,734 photos! (That’s a lie – there aren’t that many. But there are a lot…)
  • Over 14,612 graphics! (Another lie – there aren’t that many of those either…)
  • Professional, highly detailed descriptive graphics (Lie! Roger’s photoshop skills suck…)
  • Complete start to finish guide for three full shower designs and variations thereof (true)
  • Did I just type ‘thereof’??? I need a beer Pepsi!
  • Different shower and bathroom floor layouts (also true)
  • Great humor! (Pure, unadulterated BS – it’s horrible humor.)


What will I learn?


What the hell are you gonna teach me that I don’t already know?

  • How to find the perfect design and tile for your installation
  • How to end up with a professional installation
  • How to do the Samba! (That’s a lie – I don’t dance)
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How (and when) to properly whip out obscure sitcom references
  • Where to start!

What this manual is NOT


There is no ‘or’ – this is what this manual is not…

This manual is NOT instruction on how to properly waterproof or prepare your shower or floor substrate for tile installation! Really, it isn’t. It only includes design and layout. Proper waterproofing, shower floor building and floor preparation are covered both on this site as well as other manuals available in the Library.

You NEED to have a properly waterproofed shower wall (and floor if you are tiling it) and/or a properly prepared flooring substrate before utilizing this manual! It does not cover any of that.

Why do I need this?


Why do I need this from YOU?

Have you found that perfect design and tile and said ‘Hey! That would look great in my bathroom!’? Then realized that the tile was too expensive, your bathroom wasn’t big enough for it, you don’t know where to start?!? This manual explains all that.

It will explain how to find your design, how to transfer a design into your space, how to avoid common mistakes and, most of all, where to start. You’ll get different design ideas, options, variations and show you how to get everything lined up and look like it actually belongs there. Like you actually planned it.


How do I buy this? How much does it cost?


How do I give you my hard-earned cash? And how much is the damn thing, anyway?


  • $53 Million dollars! (That’s a lie – it’s only $19.95)

Just click the button below to go get it. As soon as you make payment the elves will instantly send you an email with the download link. You can start reading this shiny, brand new ebook in less than five minutes! Easy, quick and totally painless, I promise. The payment goes through Paypal. You can use your Paypal account or simply pay with your credit card utilizing their payment processor – no need to have an account.

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Didn't anybody ever tell you there needs to be a 'p.s.'?

Oh yeah, the p.s. Some really smart marketing types told me that when I sell you something I always need a p.s. at the end of the page - makes you feel like you get more stuff. I don't think more stuff is required, and my p.s. will tell you why. But since I don't tell them how to market stuff and they don't tell me how to build showers - here's your damn p.s.:

P.S. I do not just sell you an ebook and disappear! If you read my site at all you'll know that I answer every question - questions about this ebook are no exception. You will receive ongoing support and answers directly from me whenever you need them (or after I get done working for the day). That alone is worth a good seventeen cents!

Oh - and mine's bigger. It's 206 pages.