I wanna use those fancy faced wall boards but I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!

Traditional shower floor with topical wall building manual

So you’ve finally decided that you want to build your shower using the traditional waterproofing method for the floor and topical waterproofing boards for the walls? (If you don’t know what the hell I just typed you should begin with our free shower waterproofing manual).

  • Where do you start?
  • What do you need?
  • How do I do it???
  • How much beer is this going to require?

Well, here’s your complete instruction manual. This manual will take you completely through the process from the bare wall studs to a completely waterproofed shower wall and floor substrate ready for whatever tile design you desire. From the building of the mud deck to installing your topical wall substrate it will walk you though each step so you end up with a completely waterproof shower which conforms to both TCA and ANSI building standards and will provide years of worry-free service.

And don’t totally freak out if you don’t know half the terms in that  paragraph – I’ll explain all that stuff in plain English

What’s included?


If I’m gonna give you my money I wanna know what I’m buying!

Descriptions and instructions of the entire process from beginning to end including:

  • Over 52,300 photos! (That’s a lie – there aren’t that many. But there are a lot…)
  • Over 17,600 graphics! (Another lie – there aren’t that many of those either…)
  • Professional, highly detailed descriptive graphics (Lie! Roger’s photoshop skills suck…)
  • Materials and tools checklist (True)
  • Order of events checklist (so you don’t miss anything) (Also true)
  • Methods for installing topically faced wall substrates such as DensShield
  • Basic methods for foam-based topical wall substrates such as Kerdi-Board*
  • Great humor! (Pure, unadulterated BS – it’s horrible humor.)

*While information and the basic installation practices for topically-faced foam wall substrates such as Wedi and Kerdi-board are included, this is not a comprehensive manual for either. Each of those require specific nuances which can not be completely covered in a fairly general manual such as this. It will, however, teach you how to install these also, in general terms.

What will I learn?


What the hell are you gonna teach me that I don’t already know?

  • How to properly mix deck mud, and the easiest way to do it
  • The easiest way to install topical boards such as DensShield and the methods I use to quickly and easily achieve completely waterproof screw penetrations
  • How to do the Samba! (That’s a lie – I don’t dance)
  • How to flatten your wall framing for a professional installation
  • A crash course in shower floor math. (Like ‘new’ math – but you’ll actually use it)
  • How to properly whip out obscure sitcom references
  • The PROPER way to waterproof a shower substrate

Why do I need this?


Why do I need this from YOU?

Have you tried to research how to build a proper substrate for tile and found conflicting, inadequate or misleading information? I’m not surprised, the internet is full of it. (That sentence could stand alone without reference to the previous…) That is the reason I began this website. Most of the so-called ‘methods’ are written by people simply attempting to cash in on something they know nothing about. If you read my site for any amount of time you’ll realize how much that really pisses me off.

I will teach you the proper way to build your shower. I can do that because I’ve been doing it PROPERLY for almost twenty years. Would you ask your auto mechanic how to perform brain surgery? Of course not! Don’t ask a professional ‘writer’ how to build a shower – ask a professional tile contractor.

When finished you’ll have a properly constructed shower conforming to TCA and ANSI standards – without having to know what those are. It will outlast and outperform any normal ‘DIY’ shower you’ll see, beat it up, AND take it’s lunch money! It will last until you get tired of the tile design – and will never leak.


How do I buy this? How much does it cost?


How do I give you my hard-earned cash? And how much is the damn thing, anyway?


  •  $53 Million dollars! (That’s a lie – it’s only $14.95)

Just click the button below to go get it. As soon as you make payment the elves will instantly send you an email with the download link. You can start reading this shiny, brand new ebook in less than five minutes! Easy, quick and totally painless, I promise. The payment goes through Paypal. You can use your Paypal account or simply pay with your credit card utilizing their payment processor – no need to have an account.

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Didn’t anybody ever tell you there needs to be a ‘p.s.’?

Oh yeah, the p.s. Some really smart marketing types told me that when I sell you something I always need a p.s. at the end of the page – makes you feel like you get more stuff. I don’t think more stuff is required, and my p.s. will tell you why. But since I don’t tell them how to market stuff and they don’t tell me how to build showers – here’s your damn p.s.:

P.S. I do not just sell you an ebook and disappear! If you read my site at all you’ll know that I answer every question – questions about this ebook are no exception. You will receive ongoing support and answers directly from me whenever you need them (or after I get done working for the day). That alone is worth a good seventeen cents!

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