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We now have even more bits of useless information for you!

You can now purchase an ebook with our favorite 50 101! Tile Tips in it!

Our regular TileTips newsletter, which is sent out about twice a week, is free of charge – so yes, you can get the same stuff free.

If you want to.

However, after almost a year-and-a-half three years the biggest feedback from the subscribers is a request to have all this useless information wrapped up into one neat little package. So here you go – 90 192 pages of stuff you never think about (but really should) and solutions to make your life a lot easier.

Well, as far as tile installation is concerned – I’m not a therapist.

What’s in it for me?

Once purchased you’ll receive a link for immediate download of 90 192 pages of pure jackassery (and, you know, tile tips). We have included our favorite 50 101! tile tips from our world renowned (that just means I have subscribers from all over the world) newsletter.

It contains such gems as:

  • Why you need a denture brush
  • How thinset tastes
  • What to do with toilet water
  • Why you should drink gatorade before removing your toilet
  • How to open a really good bottle of beer
  • Why you should be drilling sponges

Oh! And serious stuff, too:

  • How to remove grout haze – every time
  • How to hold tiles in place – upside down
  • How to get perfect measurements
  • How to keep your outlets from flopping around
  • The little tricks that make your installation look professional

If I can get these for free, why should I pay for it???

Because you’re impatient. And because that’s what everyone wants (a book with all the tips). And because you’re generous. I’ll explain the last one:

Anyone that reads my blog, my facebook, my twitter, or any of the hundred other places I lurk online knows I am an adamant supporter of Homes For Our Troops. I donate, I install tile in houses for them, I force people at trowel-point to help out… I do what I can – I’m only one guy.

However! For every TileTips ebook purchased I will donate a portion of the proceeds to Homes For Our Troops! It’s just another way I can give back – and I can do that with your help. Rather than waiting over six months to receive all these tips you can purchase it now for the low, low price (that’s car salesman speak) of only $12.95!

Order it now and get immediate access to a wealth of useless information all in one spot! And it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Fine, you’ve guilted me into it. How do I order it?

Just click the button below and it will take you directly to PayPal. You do not need to have an account with paypal! You can simply use a credit card, or even your bank account, to make payment utilizing their payment processor.

Once you make payment you will immediately receive an email with a download link. Just click the link and you’ll be laughing and learning in no time! Well, learning, anyway…

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P.S. Thank you! (I hate sleazy ‘p.s.’s in sales pages)