Building a bench for your shower

I get a LOT of questions about how to build and waterproof a bench in your shower. I’ll touch on the easiest method here, but there are a couple of different methods you can use. I will describe simple framing of a bench with your substrate over it. You can also use after-market, pre-fabricated benches. […]

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Installation of Laticrete Linear Drain (Part 2)

72 hours. That’s the answer to your question. 72 hours. Three days. Your question, by the way, is ‘Now that I have my linear drain in and my shower deck fabricated how long do I have to wait before installing my Laticrete HydroBan to waterproof everything?’ That’s a great question! 72 hours. If you don’t […]

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How to Create a Shower Floor – Part 1

The following five-part series gives a basic overview of building a shower floor for tile. If you would like a complete step-by-step of the entire process with all the little idiosyncrasies and details  I now have manuals describing the complete process for you from bare wall studs all the way up to a completely waterproof […]

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