July 2012

How to remove a shower base

Ever get tired of trying to scrub that ‘white’ (it started life as white, anyway) acrylic or fiberglass shower base? Ever try to take one out? It’s stuck, isn’t it? Ever get tired of rhetorical questions? In order to create a shower floor for tile you must first remove that big, ugly base which seemingly […]

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Unmodified Thinsets – A User’s Guide

In my previous post about thinsets I explained what modified thinsets are and how they came about. That post actually started out as this post, I tend to get sidetracked by beer my dog. Unmodified thinsets, in one form or another, have been around forever. With the expanded use of modified thinsets, the unmodified version […]

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Modified Thinset – A Brief History

What is the difference between modified and unmodified thinsets? Which unmodified thinset is better? What makes a modified thinset modified? Why do you drink so much beer? These are questions I get asked a lot, along with ‘why is my dog on fire’ (because you used the incorrect product for a specific installation). Unmodified thinset […]

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