September 2010

Tile Tips (of the Rich and Famous!)

You can now purchase Tile Tips all at once rather than waiting over six months for them! Just scroll down below the form and get it all now! Over the past seventeen (almost eighteen it’s over twenty now! – damn I’m gettin’ old) years in the tile trade I have learned a couple of things: […]

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Tile and Stone Types – Honed, Rectified, Gauged

We, meaning us evil, scheming people in the tile industry, have a bad habit of using words that are not easily understood or recognized by the general public – and that’s a bad thing. Well, I think it’s a bad thing anyway, since the general public are the ones buying the tile – Hello, McFly??? […]

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Why is my grout cracking in a straight line???

As some of you may know (or simply don’t care about – but know anyway) I actually do reply to every question I’m asked on this site. It may take a while for me to sober up enough get enough time away from work to answer it – but I do. As such I am […]

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